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Thursday, August 2, 2012

Weekend planning

I'm sitting on the hotel bed with two maps, a guidebook, the marathon route, and my notebook -- trying to plan my weekend.  The one fixed point is the women's marathon.  That starts at 11:00 on Sunday morning.  I want to stand on some part of the route to cheer the ladies.  I'm thinking that if I stand near St. Paul's, then I can explore some in the East End as well.  And while I am down in that area, I can take a picture of the Olympic rings on the Tower Bridge.

There are two Wenlock and Mandeville routes that I have yet to walk, the Blue and the Yellow.  Both are in areas that I don't know very well, the East End and south of the Thames.  I'm starting to feel a bit silly taking photos of these statues, but now that I have started, I feel compelled to find as many as I can.  Plus they are cute and the quest keeps me out of the stores where I might indulge in retail therapy. 

I went to the Royal Mail today and bought post card and gold medal stamps.  The Brits have put Bradley Wiggins and the two women rowers, Helen Glover and Heather Stanning, on their stamps today.  How fast is that?  They won gold yesterday!  The lady who sold me the stamps was amused that as an American, I was buying them... just because.  I told her that we put dead people on our stamps, not the living.  So the athletes from these games won't be on any stamps for decades to come.  She thought that was strange. 

As fun as it is to be here, I'm ready to go home.  I'm ready to be drinking my kale drink with ingredients grown from my own garden.  I miss my family -- the regular hugs and kisses, the familiar physical contact of our day to day existence.  I wish we could be together.  We made the right decision to have me come and the guys stay state side.  But it doesn't make it easy to live with.  And because I'm feeling homesick, here is Selim and I when we went peach picking.

Not much new today.  I didn't do a big walk.  There wasn't any destination that I felt I had to go to today.  Now on to figure out what to eat for dinner.

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