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Monday, May 25, 2015

Perfect picnic

Heather and family came up this weekend to help me with the house.  I lost control of it a while ago.  Thinking that we might put it on the market, I needed help.  My family to the rescue!  Friday night, Heather drove up and then Saturday, Mom and Robert came along.  Saturday we tackled the living room.  While we were throwing away broken toy pieces, Heather suggested that we take a walk on the beach early Sunday morning before resuming house cleaning.  I suggested we bring breakfast.

Sunday morning, we left the house before eight and got to Jenness Beach early enough to nab parking spaces and space on the sand to spread the quilts.

We chowed down on oat ginger and cherry orange scones, strawberry jam, doughnuts, hard boiled eggs, cucumber and tomato salad, Italian bread, apple sauce, and fruit salad. Yummers!

Certain men-folk needed naps afterwards.

Followed by family photo opportunity.

And then we walked.

Robert took the younger set exploring the high tide mark while Mom, Heather, and I stuck to the shallow water to start. We merged into one group on the way back.

And Stan, feeling under the weather, continued to nap.

What a perfect way to spend a few, early morning hours.

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