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Friday, April 8, 2011

Counting down to midnight

At least there is a chance that we will get paid even if there is a furlough.  According to the Federal Times, BHO said that he thinks government workers should get paid even if there is a shut down, see full story here.  That eases my mind.  And I know that I will report to work on Monday and pick up my furlough notice if a budget agreement has not been reached.

The amount of time that the senior executives have spend over the past two weeks preparing for the shut down could have been put to much better use.  Their time could have been spent much more productively tackling regular business.  What a shame that our country's interests were put on hold while the executives were trying to make up essential personnel lists.  The whole thing is a waste -- of time, resources, good will, and energy.

At least I can look forward to warm spring weather while we have a family yard work weekend.

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