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Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Quiet day off

Yesterday I had a much needed break from all the togetherness of the previous snow-bound three days.  I love family time, but also I am now accustomed to some built in quiet time that the regular school day provides.  And yesterday was my first compressed day in a month, so I had from 7:50 until 3:40 all to myself.  Not that I was counting the time during the day, or anything.

I had plans of going to the bank, grocery and health food stores.  But shortly after 8:00 it started to snow again.  I ditched the plans involving the car and decided to enjoy yet another day at home.

It was hard to figure out what to do first.  I went to the library room to sew.  I finished the quilting on the place mats for Amy.  Then I cut and sewed the strips together for the binding.  After ironing the big long binding strip, I pinned all mats.

There are times when I can multi-task and yesterday was one of those days.  While working in the back, I had bread rising in the kitchen.  It had been awhile since I baked bread.  I had to turn on the oven during the final rise because the house wasn't warm enough and there wasn't a sun spot to help the cause.  I got the loaves in the oven in time for them to bake before I had to go out to the bus stop and wait for Selim.

And while the bread baked, I completed the hand sewing on my two place mats.  I now have four place mats on the table.  Yeah!

When Selim got home, we realized that we needed to take a trip to our parish craft store for some Valentine's Day card supplies.  One benefit to procrastination is discovering sale prices on all things red, pink and heart shaped three days before the big day.  They had reduced the display area to two stands and the prime holiday space was getting a St. Patrick's Day make over.  While looking at card and envelope choices, Selim noticed a pack of thin 2" x 6" off white heavy heavy stock paper.  He hit upon the brilliant idea of making Valentine's bookmarks!  Woot!  So much easier than cards where he would want to decorate the outside of the card; write a message inside; and address the envelope.

Before going home, we made a quick stop at the Mexican restaurant in Kittery for take out burritos.  Once fortified, we took our supplies into the library room where he worked at his table and got a great start on his project.  He put a lot of thought into each bookmark.  He decorated the top with either a heart theme or he chose something that his friend likes and put that on.  One friend likes pugs, so he drew that.  Another plays soccer with him at recess, so a soccer ball and whistle grace that bookmark. While he worked, I hand sewed the binding on my table runner.  I was so close to finishing.  I have less than 20" left.

Over night the snow and rain from yesterday froze into a skating rink style ice sheet on the driveway.  But the sun is shining and it looks like it will be a warmer and beautiful day.  No excuse not to go to the grocery store before work.

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