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Sunday, September 11, 2016

Ladies Who Lunch

After twelve hours of travel time, a short sleep, a walk, and breakfast -- I headed off to Sedona for lunch with three of my colleagues.  We had a 1:00 reservation at Tii Gavo and other than that, the day was unplanned.  I really enjoyed the drive north.  We passed through such different terrain.  We made our first stop at a rest area about an hour or so into our day.  Of course, cameras came out and we documented.

View from the lookout platform.

We watched our steps

We knew we were getting close to Sedona when we could see the red rocks.  It was hard taking pictures from the backseat of a moving car.  But I tried.  

We arrived an hour or so before our lunch reservation, so we decided to check out Tlaquepaque that had been recommended.  We poked around and found souvenirs to bring home.  I saw a pair of opal mosaic cacti earrings that were so cute.  But I thought I might only wear them this week. And at $84 -- maybe more than I needed to spend for a week's accessory.  They were pretty, and I passed on them anyway.  I did not leave empty handed, however.

A really fun bead shop

Part of a mural by the parking lot

Same mural

The drive out to the resort where we were eating was spectacular.  The road was twisty and we looked live bobble / swivel head dolls trying to capture that angle and then the next.  Tourist behavior for sure.  We arrived a few minutes after 1:00 and realized that with the time change, it was 4:00 and we were really hungry.

Restaurant doors

The meal was fabulous.  We started with chips and guacamole.

For my main meal I ordered a green salad with blue cheese, candied pecans, and apples. Yum!

Plus, a side order of corn bread with honey butter.  Double yum!

We savored our meal and enjoyed the views.  They were stunning.  After we ate, we went out to the patio and took even more pictures.

Flags at half staff for 9/11

Our reflection in the glass of the building

And we took yet more on the way back to Phoenix.

In other news, the Patriots are playing out here in Arizona and were in our hotel last night.  I might have been in the elevator with a couple of players, but I didn't recognize them.  They were big guys -- so dudes here for the game, or players.  I haven't felt that small in a while.

I'm here for the week.  Hard to be away from my hubby and Lovey Lamb.  The time change makes it hard to connect.  I'll set my alarm so that I can talk with my boy before he heads off for school.  At least this isn't a 6 week separation!

And have I mentioned that it is hot?! Ugh.  I don't want to hear that it is a dry heat and therefore not hot.  It's hot!

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