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Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Goodbye Memorial Bridge

In celebration of the 100th day of the school year, Selim was released early.  When I got home from work, he was home with Mom and they had already had lunch and were ready for an activity.  Selim suggested going downtown, as in Portsmouth.  I agreed, as I wanted to take a look at the center span of the Memorial Bridge that is being dismantled and put on a barge to get down river.  We have been on that bridge so many times.  When we lived in Kittery and went to Portsmouth almost every day we used that bridge.  And when we lived in Portsmouth and went to get food and fresh produce in Kittery, that was the closest way over the river.

Portsmouth was a happening today.  We saw news vans from Channel 13 and 8 in Maine, NESN and Channel 9.  So many regular folk were out with cameras in hand trying to get the best shot of the bridge span and the barge.  Many of the cameras I saw were really impressive.  Clearly, this was going to be a documented event.  Naturally, I had mine and took a few.  First we stood on the north side in the Harbor Walks area.

Then we walked to Prescott Park on the south side of the bridge for a different view.  The span had not yet been disconnected, so we didn't see anything too exciting.  But it was fun just being there and watching the people and feeling like part of an event.

And speaking of events, the Patriots lost the Super Bowl.  The end was so painful to watch.  Selim got his friends and the food ready for the game.  He had a particular idea for our snacks.  He wanted pretzels and the Turkish red pepper dip and popcorn.  I added carrots and cucumber to go with the dip.  He arranged the food on the coffee table and told Nedim and I where to sit on the couch.  Too funny, yet sweet of him to care about the minutia.

Back to today, we went into shops that he hadn't frequented in a while.  At the chocolate shop, Selim was recognized by the sales lady who commented on how big he has gotten.  Yes!  She even used the phrase "bean sprout."  Woot!  And in the gift shop by the bakery, he was greeted by name.  There is something really grounding about being in an area so long that you can become a regular part of the community fabric.  We have our regular shops -- stickers and stationary, fabric, clothing, kitchen wares and the best cheese.

I'm glad that we didn't wait at the bridge this afternoon for something to happen.  When we got home, we saw on the news that the disconnection was going to take place sometime between 7:00pm and midnight.  Like I'm going to stand in the cold to see that.  Don't think so.

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