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Monday, March 26, 2012


I ran four times around the big block tonight, a 2.4 mile run.  I think it was my longest, non-walking distance, ever.  I know a couple of years ago I got up to 2 miles, but I don't think I got beyond that without stopping to walk for a bit.  Selim rode his bike on the first lap, but it was so windy that he got too cold.  The temperature has been dropping all day and it must by in the 30's this evening.  I feel victorious.  I didn't set any speed record, but I didn't stop.  Now I have a base line and I can only get better from here.

In other news, I cajoled a reluctant Selim to try our luck and bird watching yesterday afternoon.  There had been sighting of white sand cranes in a field by UNH that Robert told us about.  So we went, and saw tons of seagulls, but no cranes.  That was too bad, but I'm happy that we made the effort. 

We stopped by the Jackson Landing play ground after and we walked down to the water when it started raining.  Since we hadn't seen any cranes, I was hoping that we might see a heron.  But no, just boats.

And that is what I know.

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