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Sunday, April 8, 2012

Easter Sunday

The Easter Bunny came to the house last night, and even though he didn't deliver a golden egg, Selim was happy with the chocolate. 

Around 7:45 Nedim said that he had some guys coming to help him with the boat.  I flipped out, thinking that we would do house things together.  Then I acted very mature by pulling on my running clothes and exiting the house with a door slam, stalling his departure.  I was so mad, that I ran three miles without really thinking about it.  It wasn't until my final lap of the neighborhood before I realized that I had put on my pants inside out in my haste to get out the door.

When I got back, I grabbed a beach towell and went out to the backyard with Selim.  He wanted another chance with the loppers.  He worked on top of the pile, cutting off some of the smaller branches.  I did my sit ups, push ups and stretches.  Thanks to karate, I am more limber now than I have been in a while.

Throughout the day,  I have been tuning into the Master's.  To start the day, Phil was one shot back.  He hasn't had the best day.  I took time away from the TV to make a Turkish dinner.  I made potato and feta borek, pilaf and white beans in tomato sauce.  Surprisingly, Selim liked it and cleaned his plate, after an appetizer of a bowl of pesto noodles.  I guess he was hungry.

Right after dinner, the neighbor kids were riding their bikes so Selim rushed out to do the same.  We have had a bigger bike in the shed and he wanted to try it.  It is still a little big for him, but he did have success riding for a bit.

And to finish off the sporting news of the day, Bubba Watson wins the Master's.  If Phil hadn't had a tripple bogey on the 4th hole, he might be the one putting on the green jacket tonight.

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