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Friday, April 27, 2012

My first 5K

Not thousands, but a distance run (if you can count 3.1 miles as a distance run).  But I had never gone over 3 miles and today I did.  According to the on-line map routing thing I used, I ran 3.17 miles.  And at some points during the run, I felt like I was really getting a stride going and not just plodding along.  I went in a big loop around the cemetery instead of my usual neighborhood laps.  I liked covering new ground and the long down hill towards the end.

I've had a stellar day; a much needed recharging of my introvert battery.  Nedim and I went out for breakfast and then parted ways.  He went to do boat chores and I came home and sewed.  I made significant progress on my place mats.  I went for a run.  I planted the kale, spinach and parsley that I bought yesterday.  I went to the fabric store for more thread and batting.  And then I got take out for dinner.   I was able to be quiet and enjoy the solitude.  As I had my hands in the dirt, with each plant I placed in the raised bed, I was thanking Mom and Robert for having Selim these few days -- for their willingness to spend their vacation giving me one.

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