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Saturday, May 4, 2013


I've never been so happy to have Friday roll around as I was yesterday.  It was truly an awful week at work.   Every night I went home without accomplishing what I had needed to.  And I had the overtime coverage at the end of the shift.  By the time I exited the building, my watch read somewhere between 2:30 and 2:40 am.  Crazy.  Usually I'm queen of sleep and I did not anticipate not being able to nap.  For some reason, my body was to keyed up to go back to sleep after taking Selim to the bus in the morning.  When I tried to nap later, I would start to worry that I wouldn't be able to fall asleep and that ended up being a self-fulfilling prophesy most days.  I am so glad that is behind me.

Today I fell back asleep after getting Selim his breakfast; sitting in the driveway watching him bike; in the car at the marina while Nedim painted for a 1/2 hour and all the way home.  But my day was not a complete snooze fest.  In the morning Selim and I went to Agway and picked up more seeds, two different colors of phlox, parsley, rosemary, garden soil and dehydrated cow manure.

In the late afternoon we planted dwarf kale seeds and the parsley plant in the first raised bed, lettuce and spinach seeds in the second, and carrots in the third.  We have to weed around the pea fence and add more soil before we plant there.  It was very sweet for me to have all three of us working together in the dirt.  We have had such beautiful weather for the past week or more.  I hope our forecast has some rain in it, now that I have little seeds in the ground.

While I made a taco dinner, Nedim took Selim out bike riding with the neighbors.  I'm not sure where my hubby picked up the silver bike, but Selim was riding it and changing gears with glee.

And because my mother's day quince makes me so happy, here are a few more pictures as the blossoms open even more.

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