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Monday, May 7, 2012

I got the job!

Finally, the pressure on my chest that I have been feeling ever since my second interview has lifted.  I got the email this morning asking me if I would go down to the second floor so that I could get an update on the supervisor position.  When I walked into the office, he shook my hand and said congratulations.  I was surprised.  I had talked myself out of the job, for sure.  But he gave me good information from both my interviews and told me that as soon as DC can process the paperwork, I can start.  Since they like to start at the beginning of the pay period, there is a chance that I could begin as early as May 21.

The hard part was going back to my desk and not saying anything until all the final candidates had been notified.  It wasn't until right before our Director sent out an all-agency email around noon that I could tell my supervisor.  When I was in his office, the broadcast email went out.  For the rest of the afternoon people were stopping by and others sending emails.  It was so nice, all the positive reinforcements.

I have mixed emotions.  I will miss karate classes, the evening hours with bed and bath routines at home, the normal life of first shift.  But for the summer, I will be getting mornings at the beach, berry and peach picking in the cool hours on the day, and taking naps.  The hard part will be when Selim starts second grade and the homework, if I'm still on second shift.  But we will cross that bridge when we get there.

In the mean time, we are getting ready for Heather, Joshua and the cats.  I bought a new vacuum cleaner on Saturday, replacing the one I bought for my first apartment in New Hampton in 1990.  What a difference!  The weekend the project was the living room.  Mom came over for the bulk of Sunday and between the three of us, we took out eight bags of trash.  On the one hand that is awesome, on the other, a bit disgusting that I have not been able to toss all that crap before now. 

In the next three days, I need to buy a day bed and get into the back bedroom and make that nice.  Nedim needs to reseal the shower and sink, and the refrigerator needs a once over. 

But for tonight, I can relax and be happy that I got the job, and enjoy the rhythm of evening home life.

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