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Monday, May 28, 2012

Memorial Day

Taking a moment this morning to remember those who gave their lives for this great country.  Driving back from Sudbury last night I was struck by the number of overpasses that were covered with American flags.  To those who serve, both in the military and with the diplomatic corps, US AID and the other organizations at home and abroad -- thank you.

While running a 4 mile loop this morning (boo-yeah, 4 miles!) I thought about the Memorial Days when family has gathered.  After my graduation we drove down to Aunt Mary and Uncle Dean's in PA.  Hand churning ice cream and berry pies were consumed in great quantities.  Tyler's graduation where he gave the student address.  He spoke of Grampy Marion, who neither of us met, and from all accounts was a man of generosity and kindness.  I wish he had lived long enough to be able to play with his grandchildren and for us to get to know him.  And then yesterday, we gathered for Kathryn's high school graduation.

I wasn't going to go down there yesterday.  I was feeling so blue, that I couldn't imagine putting out the effort to get in the car and drive.  I spent most of Saturday curled up in the fetal position, trying not to cry.  Sunday I managed to go for a run and that helped.  In the coolness of the morning, Nedim dug up the azalea in front and replanted in the back.  He put down the black plastic in rows for the tomatoes and the rest of the veggies.  Selim and I then planted the tomatoes, cucumbers, zucchini, peppers, melon and squash.  Everything that I bought at Salmon Falls nursery got planted.  I still have a few tomatoes that I started from seed, to put in the ground, but at least what I paid for is in. Getting the plants in the ground started lifting my spirits.

At 11:00 Heather called to say that she was going to hit the road and go to the party.  Since I was in the garden, I missed her call.  When I got in at 11:30 I had a decision to make.  Selim wanted to go, so I mustered the energy to shower and then got in the car. 

I'm so happy we went.  It was so sweet to spend five hours with the extended family.  The weather was perfect, the food tasty and the conversation was great.  We were sitting in lawn chairs in a big circle.  People would come and go, so the topics of conversation were always changing. 

Joshua was very helpful with the ice bucket.  He would come around and put ice in  your cup.  So sweet.

Selim spent hours at the tetherball pole.  First Nan played, the Grampy, Aunt Jen and others -- all got roped into playing with him.  Made me think we should put one of those in our yard.

Susan and family have put so much effort into the landscaping around the house.  The flowers are just beautiful. 

And at times,  I wandered around taking pictures of the different family groups. 

And then there were the bunnies.

It was a beautiful day and it lifted my spirits.  I told Selim on the way home how grateful I was that he helped me garden in the morning and then encouraged me to make the drive.  I would have been wallowing in my sadness, if he had not made a conscious effort to help me.  I'm so grateful for his effort, kindness, and love.  I'm such a lucky mom.

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