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Tuesday, December 4, 2012

City of lights

I've been impressed with the number of light fixtures, holiday lights, lampposts, and other light sources there are in this city.  Take, for example, the display in Marion Square.  First you have all the tree trunks wrapped in little white lights:

And then there is the big palmetto totally decked out in white.  Actually, there are two of them, but one is easier to photograph than the other.

In the center of the square is this enormous Christmas tree.  The hip thing to do is stand in the center and take a picture looking up.  Since I'm trying to blend in with the locals, I follow suit.

Many of the houses have the gas-looking lanterns/lights on the outside.  I don't know if the flame is real or not, but most even flicker.  Quite charming.

In some windows, there are beautiful chandeliers, not that I look inside, mind you.

This really is a beautifully lit city.

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