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Monday, April 22, 2013

On vacation

Someone needed to tell me to back away from the window and stop taking bird pictures this morning.  There was so much activity that I couldn't stop.  Every time the action died down, I set aside my camera.  Two seconds later, more birds would be back and once again, I would try to catch the sweet song birds eating at the feeder.

My favorite moment was catching the baby chipmunk scoping out the feeder with the papa cardinal looking on.

And then he stretches over.  I love the back left leg.  There is something so delicate and endearing about it.  Call me crazy.

Both the papa and the mama cardinal graced us with their presence.

The woodpecker that escaped the camera lens last time wasn't as fortunate this go around.

And the yellow finch.  How lovely and bright he is!

Selim got ready to bike over to Jacob's without my being totally aware.  He stopped at the top of the stairs and I made him pose for a second so I could capture his cool look, complete with his shark teeth helmet.  His is coming into his own in every way.  I just love him to bits.

Amy's daffodils are beautiful.  I have flower envy.

I think I need to move some of mine around, closer to the base of the tree.  Some of them are too far out in no-man's land on the lawn and are not thriving.  I got one last hug from my guy before leaving.  The boys were playing with the double rope hanging down from the ceiling.

After I left, I went to see the doctor to get my results from Friday's test.  I have a tiny kidney stone and a small cyst, not bladder cancer or failing kidneys.  That's a relief.  I treated myself to lunch after the appointment.  I had the most amazing appetizer -- dates with blue cheese and chili infused honey.  Sounds a bit bizarre, but the combination of sweet caramelized dates with tangy cheese and hot honey was divine.  The  leftover container picture does not do it justice.

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