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Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Morning photo shoot

This morning I decided to take advantage of the warmer temperature and take a quick walk around Lafayette Square before my workshop.  I had spent some time in that square in 2011 when I took a photography class and if I remember correctly, we took pictures of the President Jackson statue in the center.  Today, I had time to capture two of the other statues.  The first one at the northwest corner has Commemoration on one side and Military on the other.

Love the headgear!

There was a softness to the light this morning that I really liked.  I walked down the center of the square and took a picture of the White House.  It looks different in daylight!

At the southwest corner is Major General Comte Jean de Rochambeau.

And that is what I had time for because I wanted to stop for coffee and not be late.

Today's session was good.  Many of my colleagues who got stuck in the snow had been able to fly out of Boston last night.  Most arrived really late, but at least they made it.  At lunch, a few of us power walked to Main State to go to the gift shop.  On the way back, one of the women said to me, "Have I told you how grateful I am that you have a sense of direction and that you know where you are going?"  I think she did the other night, but that was OK.  I got us there and back without getting turned around and on time.  We had 13 minutes to spare before the afternoon session began.

I was in a quandary about where to go tonight, my last.  I debated between Dupont Circle and Georgetown.  Dupont would have given me a good walk.  However, I didn't want to walk back all by myself.  I chose to take the yellow line of the DC Circulator from 16th and K street over to Georgetown and back.  My original thinking was to go to my favorite Turkish restaurant.  But that was up a ways on Wisconsin and I wanted to make an early night of it.  After getting off the bus, I walked west along M street until I came to Paradiso Pizzeria.  I ordered a small 4 cheese pizza that was delicious.  The service was prompt and I was in and out in no time.

Across the street I spotted Georgetown Cupcake where I bought a vegan apple cinnamon cupcake. Yum!  A great way to end my day.  Now I get to pack up, hit the sack, and be ready to check out by 8:30 tomorrow morning.  As much as I have recharged, gotten reconnected with our Bureau, and felt refreshed these past couple of days, I'm ready to go home and hug my guys.

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