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Saturday, July 7, 2012

5 Miles

Yesterday I tried a five mile run.  I ran the first three without too much problem.  There was a lot of shade and I felt pretty good.  After mile three, I hit open sun, uphill sections and I had to walk.  I started too late in the morning and with the heat and humidity so high, I got too hot.  I was able to run sections of the last two miles, but less than I had hoped.  But at least now I have a base line for that distance and I expect that if I went out earlier in the morning or in the cool of the evening, that I would have better success.  Now I have a new goal -- to run it all.

I had an interesting past two days at work.  Most of the management in my chain of company and chain of command had taken the days off.  My manager sent out an email informing management that I was the acting manager for our company.  How ridiculous is that?!  I've been on the job for a month...and I'm Acting?  She must have flipped a coin because there were only two of us; that is the only reason that I would have been selected.  Good thing there weren't any emergencies.

Covering for two other supervisors kept me busy.  Granted, the teams weren't fully staffed, however, with all the audits, questions and leave slips to deal with -- I didn't have much time to relax.  I liked the challenge, fast pace and interaction I had with different people.  I'm happy that I like this new job as much as I did my previous position.

(I'm channel surfing and just happened upon Cory Booker giving the Stanford University Commencement address last month and he just used the phrase "sedentary agitation" -- sitting on the couch doing nothing and getting angry.  Love it!  Wow, he is a orator.)

I worked a few hours of overtime after karate this morning.  I wanted to audit a few more batches and set myself up for the week.  Because management was so short staffed last week, I was granted the ability to work 18 hours or less of OT this week.  There is no way I will be working 18 hours, but three or four are OK.

In sports news, Serena won the Ladies Wimbledon singles championship and then later on she won the doubles with Venus.  To see their joy in victory was special.  Tomorrow Roger Federer is taking on Andy Murray.  That will be a match.  The hype is -- one of the greatest ever versus the Brits greatest hope.  I'm going to try for a run early in the morning and then stay home and do chores to justify the TV viewing.

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