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Monday, July 2, 2012


Mission accomplished!  I got on the scale this morning and saw that I had lost the last of my post-surgery weight poundage.  I celebrated by going for a run.  Not my best idea since it was almost 8:00am already and hot out.  But I thought that was better than staying inside and eating the last of my birthday scones.  I ran an out and back route and that turned out to be yuck.  It is all uphill on the way back, with little shade.  I never noticed that it was all downhill when I ran that stretch as part of a loop.  I won’t be doing that 3 mile workout again! 
Now I have to set new goals so that I don't back slide.  A 10k race?  Five more pounds?  Seeing if I can maintain this weight for the three weeks in London is first on the list.
When I got back, Selim had gotten dressed and was playing happily in his room.  I went out a picked kale from the garden and made a green drink with that plus water, pineapple juice, honeydew, cucumber and a squirt of honey.  Tasty.
I wanted to post a few pictures from the garden and last week with Heather and Joshua.  Robert helped me stake up the tomatoes on Saturday and the plants look much happier upright.  One plant that I started from seed has three little tomatoes on it already.

And here are a few from Wednesday morning, right before they drove away.

And Selim has set up an animal hospital in the guest room.  Selim has set up a work station with a doctor's manual and tools.  And his friends are lined up ready for treatment.  Do I have a doctor son in my future?

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