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Monday, July 30, 2012

Dear Lovey Lamb

Dear Lovey Lamb,

I miss you!  So many times during the day I look at my watch and try to figure out what you might be doing.  With the time change, I'm five hours ahead of you.  So, are you still asleep, or on an adventure, having lunch or getting ready for dinner? 

I'm so happy to hear how helpful you have been to Nan and Grampy.  I'm glad that your chipmunk engine has not run out of patience while I have been gone.  I appreciate the good manners, kindness and love that you have shown Nan and Grampy, Aunt Heather, Uncle Stan and cousin Joshua over the past week.  It means a lot to me that you have been trying so hard.

Friday I passed a pond that had a flamingo statue in it and thought of you.  Do you remember the time when we were at the San Diego zoo we saw all those pink flamingos? It was then that you decided that you really liked that bird.

On Saturday I was walking down by Big Ben.  I kept taking pictures while I would say to myself, "Selim would love this."  You might not have enjoyed the walking so much, but you would have liked seeing Big Ben again.  So here are some pictures for you.

Yesterday in Regent's Park,  I saw this bird.  I don't remember seeing a bird with the big fluffy stripe down his neck before.

Down the pathway, I saw the same bird, but this time, with the neck stretched out.  Turns out it isn't a stripe, but a great pattern on its long neck.  If you ask Grampy, I bet he can tell you the name of the bird.

In the Boat Lake, I saw a swan and remembered out day in Hyde Park last year when we saw Showoffy hissing at the dog.  This one didn't have the same type of behaviour.  Although it did slow down enough for me to take a picture.

Yesterday Michelle Obama thanked the families, including the children that sacrifice so that their parents can have this career.  While we don't move to a new city every two or three years like regular Foreign Service Officers, we will have spent chunks of two summers away from each other.  And that is not easy.  If I haven't thanked you yet, then I am doing it now.  You are a brave boy and I am so lucky that you are willing to spend this time apart so that I can have this opportunity, with the career that I love that lets me serve the American community away from home, who find themselves in need.

So Lovey,  I hope you had a great day at the Bronx Zoo.  I'm sure you saw lots of interesting animals.  Give everybody hugs and kisses for me and know that I think of you often and miss you so much.  Mama Moose says good night to Mimi and sends you a big hug too.

I love you!  And I will see you two weeks from tomorrow. 



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