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Monday, June 27, 2011


I ate out tonight in honor of my 44th birthday.  I shouldn't have, as the Mexican was really bad. Oh well.  At least the chips and salsa that come before the meal tasted fresh.  I should have guessed when my meal came about 2 minutes after placing my order that something was awry.  The cheese in the cheese enchilada was congealed and thick.  Yucky.  I will not be going back.

In better news, I passed my test today.  I got one question wrong.  Had I not gone back and reviewed my answers, I would have gotten that one correct.  I changed it upon further review.  But, I would have gotten another one wrong because I had read the question incorrectly.  Either way, I would have scored the same.  I'm happy to have that one under my belt. 

Tomorrow I head over to one of the State Department buildings, not Main State, but another place.  Since I made my dry run over the weekend, the only thing that is uncertain is how long the metro ride will be during the rush hour.  I don't usually take the metro in the morning.  I'm in the habit of walking to the FSI shuttle 12 blocks away.  I haven't decided what to wear yet.  I don't think I need to put on the suit, but I probably will pull out the heals from the closet.

In sporting news, both William sisters are out at Wimbledon.  They haven't played in months, so it isn't a huge surprise that they would lose in the second week.  And Boston won last night preventing a sweep by the Pirates.  I think they are a 1/2 game behind the Yankees.  Before I leave, I want to go to a Washington Nationals game.  I think the cheap tickets are only $5.  The metro ride will be more expensive than the game.  Go figure.

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  1. Congratulations on the test!!!
    and Happy Birthday!!!!
    I'm glad you're coming home for the 4th. I bet that will feel good.
    Thinking of you often, Amy