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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Beautiful day in the neighborhood

A cooling breeze blew through this morning.  The humidity left and it in its place - nice, dry, heat.  I thought it so nice that I walked home from the FSI shuttle on 15th street this evening. 

I did something today that I usually don't do - introduced myself.  I have been following a blog for the past year or so by a wife of a diplomatic security agent who has been at FSI for language study before going to post.  Both of them, actually, have been in language training for 30+ weeks.  Anyway, last night I saw on her blog that she passed her language test two days ago and her husband passed his yesterday.  Since she passed the language, she was eligible to enroll in the Congen class that started this morning.  So before I started class today, I saw her at the computers in our work area.  I went up to her and apologized if I was blog stalking, but I wanted to congratulate her on her language test.  She was so gracious and didn't appear to be creeped out.

I have to study tonight.  The material is coming at me fast and furiously.  As the days go on, we have less time for independent study built into our schedule.  I'm glad I have been able to maintain discipline and use those blocks of time to work on the case study assignments.  But today I didn't get enough done.  I'm feeling the pressure of this module, for sure.

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