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Thursday, June 30, 2011


I'm sitting on the bed surrounded by paper - my notebook, photocopy of the PowerPoint slides from this module, Case Studies Part One and Two, fictitious country briefing book, immigrant visa classification chart, family relationship bubble diagram, and an appendix to the Foreign Affairs Manual.  I have worked on three of the Case Studies in Part Two but I still have three more to go.  I don't envision finishing them tonight, as it is already 8:15.  That means I have to bring them home with me if I can't get to them done tomorrow.  Sigh. 

Tomorrow is going to be a full day.  We have lectures and systems training starting early and running right through 4:25.  Today I had from 11:30 until 3:00 to finish reading the 237 page document (which you can't print out and read when convenient) and begin the Case Studies, Part Two.  I didn't finish the reading assignment.  I got close and can probably finish if I take the 7:00 am shuttle tomorrow morning.  That will give me 1 1/2 hours in the computer area before the lecture starts.  I feel like I'm on a really fast escalator and I'm just a bit slow, not quite hitting every step when I should be.  Test number two is next Wednesday.

I get to haul my carry-on luggage with me tomorrow since I will be going straight to Union Station from FSI in the afternoon.  I will take the train to the Baltimore airport and fly from there to Manchester.  I'll take the non-convenient BWI for $250 on Southwest then the ultra-easy Reagan National and the US Air shuttle for $850 any day.  I can't wait to see my guys tomorrow night!  I'm so excited!

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