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Friday, July 29, 2011


I'm getting antsy -- for the training to be over, to go home, for the heat to break, to cook in my own kitchen, for sleeping in my own bed, to know where I will be posted.  I was expecting to hear this week, but it didn't happen.  It looks like New Delhi is a no, but Chennai is now on the table.  Limbo is so hard.  I just want to know!

I stopped by the post office this afternoon and picked up a couple of boxes.  I have lots of books that need to be shipped home.  Putting them in my suitcase would cause a weight failure and add an additional $50.  I think I can send them home for less. 

ABC News just had the most gimmicky segment on their broadcast tonight.  Let's have five average Americans solve the debt crisis.  They had a list of cuts to chose from, but few of the stakeholders who would actually feel the impact from the spending cuts were at the table.  The the idea of terminating the home mortgage deduction and ending the Bush tax cuts for couples making over $250,000 were suggested and then nixed.  Big surprise, they had homeowners, a woman from a wealthy couple, and a small business owner who would not agree to those.  Gotta protect their own interests.  But, they did go for cutting government workers' salaries (no surprise, as we are public enemy for some unknown reason and no representative at that table), cutting defense (no military in the group), raising the social security threshold until 68 (with nobody nearing retirement amongst the five), cutting nuclear weapons (good idea, we have more than enough to ensure mass destruction), and one more thing that I forget.  Then the reporter was like, see they can solve the issue in under an hour.  Really?

I'm not saying I know the answers and have a plan of my own that I wish those in Congress would put forward.  But I do know that it is more complicated than that news segment.  Cut government workers' pay -- easy if it doesn't affect you.  I've already had to have my wages frozen.  I'm not particularly interested in having my pay cut, thank you.  I would have taken that option off the table, had I been asked.  On the other hand, I don't make over $250,000 and I am not opposed to having those that do, lose their special tax breaks.  So don't produce a news segment that makes a completely artificial scenario and make it appear as if that could actually be reality.  I'm not that stupid.

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