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Thursday, July 14, 2011

Weather obsessed

I'm definitely weather obsessed here.  I think I come by it honestly since I live in New England.  But down here, I think it about it all the time.  The forecast helps me determine if I need to carry an extra pair of shoes in my bag or not.  I plan my walking/shuttling/metro-ing commute by the heat index.  Can I wear a dark top and not pass out from sun-heat exhaustion-absorption if I walk home from 15th Street?  Much to my delight, I walked out of the hotel this morning to a dry, pleasantly warm morning, a mere 68 degrees -- 13 degrees cooler than yesterday.  And this evening was a perfect 85 with a slight breeze.  What a difference 24 hours make.

I love riding the FSI shuttle.  I learn so much about language training, how to prepare your vehicle for an overseas post, and the difficulty of getting clear travel orders.  One of my favorites from this afternoon was listening to the woman in front of me talking on her cell phone, "Yes, I'm bringing my car into have the oil changed on Saturday.  Also, the timing belt might need to be replaced...Can you put on a locking gas cap for me?...Uh-uh...Do you have the lug nuts that lock?  I want the kind that make it difficult to seal my tires."

Or the two behind me, "I'm still having trouble rolling my r's.  Are you?"
"Not so much any more."
"That's good.  I had an extra hour with my instructor today trying to help me with my pronunciation 'cause when I say pero, it isn't clear if I am saying pero or perro.  They are pretty close, right?"
"You mean in Spanish or English?  If you mean "dog" and you are saying "but", as in the conjunction, then it might get confusing."
"I know, I'm just having trouble man."

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