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Monday, July 25, 2011

Last full week

I'm so ready to go home.  I need these next 8 days to fly by without losing focus.  When I got to FSI, the ground floor felt very cool.  After the power outage on Thursday afternoon, the AC had kicked on and it felt so good to walk into the building.  However, the cooling system in the upstairs classroom had not received the systems go memo.  And we had all our lectures in the room.  Soporific.  At the first break, half the class hustled to the cafeteria and returned with large coffees or cold cokes/Red Bull/Monster drinks.  Those of us trying not to depend on caffeine, stood in the entryway downstairs for a few minutes to lower the body temp.  Anything to help fight the urge to nod off.

I had hoped to hear today where I might be headed next month, but no such luck.  Maybe tomorrow.

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