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Thursday, July 7, 2011

It's too darn hot

Gotta love the weatherman at 5:30am when he says that the air is so humid, you can see it.  And it is already 74 degrees. Great.  Why did we build our center of government on this old swampland?  What were we thinking?  Who really wants to live here?

Today my schedule was weighted with lecture and computer training in the morning.  But I was through with mandatory attendance at 2:00.  That left me with a few hours to navigate USAJobs and figure out how to apply for the Passport Supervisor position.  The job posting closes on 7/15 and I had put off submitting my application.  I'm glad I tackled that today because it took me over two hours to finish my resume, answer the supplemental questionnaire and upload my last performance review and SF-50.  If there are problems with the documents I attached,  I have a few days before the deadline to correct.  Huge relief.  I've been thinking about it since I was first eligible to apply on January 8.  Nothing like a little procrastination.

Selim took a tumble on his bike today. Luckily for him it happened at the Ashram where his Grampy could clean out the cuts without passing out (as I might have), have a nurse look at him if he looked really bad (thank you Susan) and have a neighbor with more of the same homeopathic medicine that helped me heal from surgery (thank you Amy).  When we spoke tonight he was doing well and the cuts and swelling were looking better.  He was about to get instruction on how to self-administer a sponge bath.  It is hard not being able to physically comfort him, but at least I know he is surrounded by people willing to step in and hug.

I am spending the weekend here.  I'm thinking about going to the National Building Museum or the Library of Congress.  The Nationals are also playing at home before the All-Star break and there are games Saturday night and Sunday afternoon.  I'm not sure I want to be on the metro at night after the game, but if it is hot -- I'm not certain I could stand to be in the sun during an afternoon game.  I'll make that decision after I know the weather.  I wonder, where is the nearest beach?

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