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Wednesday, July 13, 2011


The last time I wore the outfit that I had on today, it rained.  When I watched the news this morning, the weatherman said that there was a chance of passing showers later on in the afternoon.  Since we were having guest speakers and I wanted to be less casual in my dress, I wore the long pants again.  And I didn't think it was really going to rain.

When I was packing up my bags and heading to the bus at the end of the day, dark clouds were rolling in.  By the time I got to the bus, the first drops fell.  Shortly thereafter, it rained in earnest, so much so that nobody else came out to get the bus.  I was the only one on the shuttle going home.  Rain ponded on the roads and made for huge splashes.  Very dramatic.  So if I want it to rain again, all I need to do is wear long pants and sandals.

Today we had guest speakers.  Our second of the day was a big-wig who knew his stuff, spoke quickly with authority, and used the "f" word and some slang early on in his presentation.  The less formal speech drew in his audience and made everybody feel like he was a regular guy giving us the straight stuff.  However, after it was over, the only thing we talked about while gathering our bags was the fact that he had dropped the f-bomb three times.  Nobody discussed the content of his presentation.  The tactic to use slang worked in his favor to start, but ultimately, he might be surprised at what we talked about after his briefing.

The second set of case studies that have been assigned to us are really hard.  I think we are more comfortable with each other after these three weeks because we have been studying together.  I had classmates come up to me today and ask if I had found the legal reference for some of the scenarios.  And I've done the same.  It felt more like a collaborative effort and I have appreciated that this week.

Total dichotomy in the news world today.  Our soccer team beat France to advance to the Women's World Cup final and will face Japan.  Go USA!  At the other end of the spectrum, three bombs went off today during the height of the evening commute in Mumbai.  And I think the second service for Betty Ford was going to take place in Michigan today.  I wish I had been able to see the whole service yesterday in California.  I saw a few pictures of the previous First Ladies sitting next to each other and I caught snippets of the remembrances and wanted to hear them in their entirety.  What a remarkable, courageous woman.

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