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Thursday, August 25, 2011

Dim sum

Today I went out with 21 other embassy personnel to a farewell lunch at a dim sum restaurant.  We sat at two large round tables.  We ate a lot of food.  The meal was delicious. But the best part was the company.  I sat with some people I knew already from  the NIV section and then others from all over.  Halfway through the meal I realized that I was sitting next to a couple whose blog I have followed for the past year.  We talked a bit about how careful you have to be when posting material that is available to all.

This morning Nedim and Selim came with me into the Embassy.  I got to show them my desk and interview window.  They got to meet my coworkers.  Even though they were there for a short time, it was fun for me to have them in my work space. 

Selim is in countdown mode to going home.  He is excited.  I'm sad.  The flat is going to feel quite empty when they leave. 

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