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Friday, August 26, 2011


We had thunderstorms today.  All of a sudden the embassy got really dark and then boom. Thunder.  It was quite exciting.  I'm glad I had my umbrella in my purse because the rain had not stopped by 5:30.

I had an interesting lunch hour.  Yesterday I began to have some pain in my right ear.  I took some pain reliever and I managed to get through the day.  I slept fine, but the pain returned this morning.  As I was about to go on my lunch hour, I said that I was heading out to the pharmacy to see if I could find some cold medicine or something that look like it might help my situation.  My co-worker suggested that I go down to the medical unit.  I didn't know there was a med unit.  I made it just before they closed for lunch.

I was seen by a nurse practitioner and then two doctors.  I had a small hair that was in the ear canal that the first doctor thought might be the source of my discomfort.  So the doctor flushed out my ear and the hair came out.  But then he brought in another doctor because there was something that he had never seen.  He asked me, jokingly, if I put a pearl bead down my ear canal by accident, because that is what it looks like.  I said no.  The second doctor came in to look and agreed.  He hadn't seen anything like it either.  They think it might be a cyst and strongly suggested that I have it looked at before I go home.  They recommended a specialist and I have an appointment for Labor Day, when the Embassy is closed, but the doctor will be open.  The hair across my ear drum was not the source of my pain, unfortunately, because the discomfort returned.

This is the last weekend with my guys.  Harrods, Kensington Gardens and a playground are on the destination list.  Monday is a Bankers Holiday here so I don't have to go to work.  Yeah for three day weekends!

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