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Friday, August 12, 2011

Packing again

I had a good plan this week of going into work at the start of my regular work day and then leaving noon.  The extra two hours a day gave me much needed mental space, more than the two hours would suggest.  Today I had planned on working a half day and leaving at 9:30.  I'm so glad I went in because my travel authorization had not come through, nor my travel advance and my ticket was not yet purchased.  Details, details.  With one little email, I was able to get the first two quickly resolved.  After that, I called the travel agency and the agent said that my ticket should be ready to print at 2:00.  If it wasn't, call back.  I just checked and has been purchased and available for me to print off their web site.  Whew!

Also, I was able to finish the required distance learning class "Working in an Embassy" which I had to do before showing up on Monday.  With all the activity, I wasn't able to leave when I planned, but I still drove out of the parking lot at 10:45.  Since Selim was playing with a friend and Nedim was on the boat, I had the house to myself.  It is so much easier packing and writing lists when I am solo.  I've been able to concentrate and feel more on top of things than I did at 4:20 when I woke up this morning.

Since I'm going for six weeks, the clothing this is a bit tricky.  I think I need 10 mix and match professional outfits and one or two more casual for the weekend.  Do I bring a fancy dress just in case?  Should I not bring everything I anticipate needing so that I can shop a little and fit everything in my suitcase on the way home?   How many pairs of shoes can I justify/fit in my suitcase.  This summer I had six in constant rotation: two pairs of nice sandals, flip flops, two pairs of heals and running shoes.  I want to bring running shoes, knee-high boots, rain shoes, loafers, and heals.  Do I leave room to purchase another pair?  Decisions, decisions.

Selim is pretty much set for school.  We went shopping over the weekend.  We bought all necessary school supplies and new clothes.  Now I have to leave all the information regarding the open house, school hours and such in a safe and accessible place.  My one regret of going now is missing his first day of first grade.  In the greater scheme of things, down the road, it may not be such a big deal.  But right now I've got huge mommy guilt and sadness over missing such a major milestone.

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