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Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Sunny day

After what feels like days of rain and clouds, today was a gorgeous day.  I was able to eat my delicious avocado and mozzarella sandwich in the park. I took of my heals, stretched out my legs on the park bench, put my face to the sun and relaxed.  The only negative to my lunch hour was that I had broken my sunglasses the other day, so my eyes didn't have protection.

I'm not sure that I made all the right calls today at work.  I'm trying not to think about what I should have asked as I sit in my flat.  I need a process to better leave work behind and not mull it over after hours.

I get to bring my guys to work tomorrow and give them a tour of my work area.  I'm looking forward to showing them around.  It is so sweet that they still walk me to work everyday.  We give hugs and kisses goodbye at the corner of the Embassy.  Some mornings it is easier to part than others.

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