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Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Back to work

After the three day weekend,  I went back to work today.  And because we were hosting a Deputy Assistant Secretary, I dressed in a the full on suit, tights and heals.  Since it was raining when I left the flat in the morning, I decided to take the bus.  Me and my transportation issues.  I got on a bus that usually stops in the block before Oxford Street, where I get off, and then it continues, going east.  Normally, not a problem.  Well today, the driver couldn't go east on Oxford, so the bus went "on diversion."  Translation, the last stop before going east and away from the Embassy was way before the normal stop, well, at least 3 blocks anyway.  I get out, open my umbrella and almost instantaneously, the wind force flips my umbrella inside out.  I managed to get it back to the right side, but the inside spoke things have separated from the umbrella material.  I've wrecked two umbrellas in the past three days.  I get to work with wet feet, damp jacket and really bad hair.

To compensate, I bought a pair of shoes on my way home.  And the British Vogue for Mom.  And when I tried to get on the bus going home, my bus card didn't have enough money on it and I had to walk -- in my heals, the whole mile plus.  At least the rain had stopped.  I'm such a doofus.  My tube and bus trips yesterday were in prime time and must have drained my card more than I realized.

I had a good day at work.  I worked some mail in cases to re-familiarize myself with the system, then got on the line and accepted passport applications from Americans needing emergency passports.  It was very busy.  The day before and after a three day weekend are usually the most hectic.  In the late afternoon the Consular section had a meeting/session with the Deputy Assistant Secretary.  The Consul General opened up the session, followed by the DAS, and then all the different sections within Consular gave short presentations.  Those were great, very informative.

Now, I've got my cup of tea and about ready to continue reading Cherie Blair's autobiography.  She captured my attention with the prologue and hasn't let go.  I knew nothing about her before that interview with Diane Rehm and had forgotten most of what was talked about.  I just remember the feeling that she conveyed about finding her own voice and telling her story.  It is a remarkable one and I'm enjoying the read.

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