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Thursday, September 22, 2011

Packing plateau

I've hit the packing plateau.  It is like moving, I have only the little stuff left -- receipts (do I need to keep these), tourist info, restaurant fliers (do I really need to keep these), and the food in the kitchen. 

I went out shopping after work tonight to pick up a few little things and I got totally turned around.  I got up to Oxford Street and went east, heading to John Lewis.  They carry Anchor tapestry wool and I wanted to pick up a few extra skeins for my needlework project.  Then I wanted to find a shoe store that somebody had recommended that was by Bond Street.  It is a funny street in that in angles southeast.  Found the street, the shop and the shoes.  But the shoes didn't fit right.  I continued down the street and assumed that the next cross street would lead me down to Fortnum and Mason.  But no, it was the wrong cross street and I found myself back at Gosvenor Square. Ahk.  I was 180 degrees off.  And tired, so I continued home and didn't backtrack.

I did have one really cool moment at work today.  I had just approved this guy's fiance visa and we were going through the regular end of interview pleasantries. Me: "Thank you.  You are all set and can go."
Him: "Thank you, you really made my day.  No, actually, you made my life."

So now all I want to do no is drink my tea and get under the covers and channel surf or read.  I don't want to pack or deal with the fridge.  But I do need to figure out if I have to send one more box or if I can cram everything into the remaining space in my suitcase.  I guess my procrastination time is up...

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